What does the process look like?

There are three stages to the process:

1) audience selection + positioning approach

2) crafting value propositions for your target audience

3) creating a homepage wireframe with suggested structure, sections, and ready-to-use copy. We move through the first two stages on two live 75-minute workshops held on Zoom. For stage 3, we move into a Slack channel and asynchronously go through 2-3 rounds of copy iterations.

Who should I bring from our team?

We recommend bringing 4-5 people (max!) from your team, ideally those who deeply understand your product, customers, and go-to-market strategy. We also ask that anyone who attends commits to being present for all the workshops.

Do you offer discounts for early stage companies?

For any companies that either 1) have 10 or less employees or 2) are doing less than $1m in ARR, we discount the first page to $5,000 and any additional pages to $4,000 a piece.

Do you have any industry-specific expertise?

While we have worked with over 200 companies across 100 different industries, we do not consider ourselves experts on any one industry (unless you consider B2B SaaS an industry). We will be relying on you as the subject matter experts to help us understand the relevant nuances of your particular industry throughout the process — from the workshops all the way through to the copywriting.

What pre-work will I need to do before working with Fletch?

We’ll send you an intake questionnaire and ask you to provide a demo video of the product along with sharing aspects of the product live in our workshops. Here's a link to the questionnaire just as a sample — don't fill this out 😊

Will you audit our competitors’ pages to make sure we have a message that looks different than theirs?

Our goal is to figure out the best way to position you for your target audience — in some cases where the bulk of your target audience is using one specific competitor, we will help you craft messaging to speak to your key differences. But this project is mainly concerned with giving you the clearest possible message based on the maturity of your market and product category, and it’s possible that other startups will be doing something similar to you in a race to win this market. However, we would be leading you astray by suggesting you choose a less clear message purely to avoid sounding to another smaller competitor.

What does it cost?

We charge $7500 for the first page, and $5000 for any additional pages (we do use case, persona, and industry-based pages).

How do we get started?

If you’d like to move forward, grab a spot on our calendar. After we chat briefly, we’ll send over a lightweight contract and payment link. Once you sign and pay, we’ll send over additional Calendly links to book two workshops.

Will you sign a non-compete?

We will not.

Do you help with other things (like sales decks)?

While our output definitely can (and should!) influence your other assets, we don't provide those as part of our service.

What do I actually get at the end of the process?

By the end of our process, you'll get a Figma file including:

1) a completed positioning canvas

2) a completed value proposition canvas

3) a homepage wireframe with suggested layout, sections, and ready-to-use copy. You will also get lifetime access to our Notion database of best practices.

How long does the process take?

End-to-end, the process takes roughly two weeks to get you the final homepage wireframe with suggested structure, sections, and copy. However, this timeline is highly dependent on how quick and timely your team can provide feedback on our copy iterations. Be prepared to sync with your team in a timely manner in order to keep the final stage of the process moving forward.

Do you also design the homepage?

Our deliverable is a wireframe that is extremely barebones in terms of design. It includes a loose suggested layout of the section (i.e. text on the left, picture on the right) but doesn't include any branding elements at all (no fonts, colors, images, gifs, etc.)

Will you write my full website?

We can help you write your homepage and any customer-segment specific sub-pages (i.e. industry pages, persona-based pages, use case pages, etc.) If you need help with About pages, Pricing pages, Blog pages, Product pages, etc., we have some other freelancers we can recommend to you.

Will you interview our customers or do primary research?

We do not any primary research (i.e. we won't be talking to customers, reading your existing product marketing documentation, listening to Gong recordings, etc.).

We do not do this for four reasons:

1) it would make us exponentially more expensive

2) it would make the process exponentially slower

3) we do not know your industry

4) outsourcing talking to customers is the last thing we would recommend for any early stage founder to do. We rely on you to be the subject matter experts on your customers. This project will succeed (or fail) based on how well you know them.

Will your process improve our conversion rate on the website?

In some cases yes, in other cases no.  Conversion improvements look different for each business with many variables at play: growth strategy, pricing, volume of traffic, quality of traffic, strength of the market, different CTAs, etc.

(A lot of the time a better message means filtering out site visitors that don’t meet your ideal customer profile so that sales doesn’t burn their limited time on bad fit prospects)

Because we have no control over these many variables, our only promise of improvement is on one thing:  Finding the best possible way to clearly explain your product to your ideal market.