Let's rewrite your confusing homepage.

We'll help you sharpen your positioning and messaging so your product is instantly clear to your best-fit customers.

Your Startup
I have no idea what this product does... 
Who is this product even for? 
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Product Marketing Consultants trusted by 200+ early-stage B2B startups

The problem

As your startup has grown, it has become harder to explain.

You’re not sure what audiences to focus on.

You’re not sure which features to highlight.

You’re not sure how to structure the webpage.

Our solution

We'll help re-write your homepage with sharper positioning and clearer messaging.


Get guidance on which customer segment to target

Rob and Anthony will help you understand your positioning options and map your audience’s unique situations to pick an audience that fits your go-to-market efforts, so you can sharpen your broad, ambiguous messaging.


Uncover your most compelling value propositions

Anthony and Rob will guide you through the value proposition canvas to connect your standout features to the struggles your prospects face today—without being overwhelming or confusing.


Update your homepage with your new positioning

We’ll give you a wireframe with recommendations on page structure along with ready-to-use copy, so you have a place to showcase your refined positioning to potential customers.

How does it work?

Anthony will explain everything

❤️ from past customers

"Robert was great to work with. By asking the right questions, he was able to rewrite our homepage with clear messaging for our ICP, resulting in 40% better-qualified leads."

Rick van Echtelt

AG5, CEO and Founder

"Fletch was amazing to work with! They really helped us break down a problem that customers had no previous solution for, in a way that customers would understand."

Chiko Chikomborero

CEO @ Talisman, Techstars Alum

"Loved working with Fletch, which put us on track for much more concise and powerful communication. Highly recommend them!"

Rob Rebholz

CEO, Superglue

"Like most early stage startups, we built a lot while searching for PMF. Working with the Fletch team has helped us narrow our focus and play to our strength. We now have a message that is crisp, customer calls are quickly advancing to next stages in a matter of weeks. A huge milestone in healthcare sales."

Tochi Yaba

Co-Founder & CEO, Doseform

"Fletch were a joy to work with. They educated and challenged us from day one. I have learned so much from being in their stratosphere and continue to learn each week. Big thanks for the schooling and helping to educate me on how to do better and make our offering simpler to understand for our B2B customer. Would 100% recommend. Just leave your founder ego at the door."

Harry Wilson Hallberg

Co-Founder, FlowSpace

"People are f**ked if they don't work with [Fletch]."

Phil Lakin

Co-Founder, NoCodeOps

"If you truly want to bring clarity and structure to your messaging that will have an actual impact on customer acquisition, you need someone like Anthony who will ask the right questions and appropriately challenge what you think you know about your product and customers. Not only will you walk away with better copy, but you'll also develop an internal framework through which you perform all positioning work moving forward."

Josh Tolan

Founder & CEO, Spark Hire

"Anthony, Rob, and Brittany were fantastic partners in refining our product marketing message for our homepage. They demonstrated impressive expertise and quickly understood our unique positioning and value propositions. Their ability to distill our goals and challenges into clear, strategic messaging was crucial. With their process-driven approach, they guided us to create compelling positioning that we agree and believe truly resonates with our audience. We are thrilled with the results and highly recommend their services to any team seeking clarity in their product marketing."


Founder @ Polser

"Anthony is a real subject matter expert on B2B SaaS homepages, and they run a strong process for delivering cohesive positioning and website copy."

Nisha Swarup

Founder/CEO, Airflip

"People constantly asked: "What are you doing?" We couldn't explain it. We needed to iterate almost monthly on messaging in search of PMF, so we couldn't afford to spend months on messaging. Fletch gave us the fish and taught us to fish. It was the most important investment to find message-market fit. Not only did we get a clear message, but also a framework that let us you rapidly iterate as we searched for the right message."

Mikkel Kiærulf Plæhn

Head of Demand, Growblocks

"Working with Fletch is one of the best investments our Go-to-market team has made. Clarifying our homepage was just the start. Today, the framework keeps our strategy aligned, guides our product development, and enhances all of our market communication."

Ludvig Swanström

Head of Growth, Depict

"Fletch’s team helped us create clearer positioning and understanding of our personas, as well as easy-to-get messaging on our homepage."

Roxana Irimia

Head of Marketing, Lemlist

"Messaging by committee kills homepage messaging. Fletch brought clarity to both our decision-making and homepage. Their process is great for aligning-teams, removing indecisiveness and ultimately cutting all the BS and confusing jargon most start ups fall into the trap of writing."

Dexter Hutchings

Mindset AI, Marketing Manager

"Anthony and Rob were so great to work with! They pushed us to be cut-throat and concise and got us out of our heads to really get to the root of who CompanyCam is, what truly differentiates us in the market, and how to get to the freakin' point. "

Jordan Small

Product Marketing Manager @ CompanyCam

"Product positioning is the single most important decision a founder makes, and the reality is you often need outside coaching to nail it. I spend over a decade learning brand building at the top marketing company in the world, but I also eat, sleep, and breath the business every day. That's why it was such a game changer to work with the Fletch team and have them translate all of our insights and learnings in to compelling, customer facing copy. "

Maddie Bell

Scheduler AI, Co-Founder & CEO

"Fletch helped take our communication from highly complicated to incredibly efficient. Anthony and Rob's ability to understand the value of a solution and relay that in a way that's intuitive to a prospect is unmatched."

Jacob Warren

VP of Marketing, Waratek


Website Messaging Development
one time payment
Two 75-minute consulting sessions on Zoom
Audience Selection Canvas
Value Proposition Canvas
Webpage Wireframe with ready-to-use copy
Access to Best Practices Notion Database
Start the Process
Webpage Messaging Audit
one-time payment

We provide guidance with...

  • A line-by-line analysis of your homepage
  • A diagnosis of your messaging problems
  • Recommendations on how to improve your page

What you get:

  • An interactive report paired with a personalized 15 minute video breaking down our findings and recommendations
  • 5 day turnaround
Buy Messaging Audit
*$5000 for early stage startups — check the FAQs to see if you qualify


What do I actually get at the end of the process?

By the end of our process, you'll get a Figma file including:

1) a completed positioning canvas

2) a completed value proposition canvas

3) a homepage wireframe with suggested layout, sections, and ready-to-use copy. You will also get lifetime access to our Notion database of best practices.

How long does the process take?

End-to-end, the process takes roughly two weeks to get you the final homepage wireframe with suggested structure, sections, and copy. However, this timeline is highly dependent on how quick and timely your team can provide feedback on our copy iterations. Be prepared to sync with your team in a timely manner in order to keep the final stage of the process moving forward.

Do you also design the homepage?

Our deliverable is a wireframe that is extremely barebones in terms of design. It includes a loose suggested layout of the section (i.e. text on the left, picture on the right) but doesn't include any branding elements at all (no fonts, colors, images, gifs, etc.)

Will you write my full website?

We can help you write your homepage and any customer-segment specific sub-pages (i.e. industry pages, persona-based pages, use case pages, etc.) If you need help with About pages, Pricing pages, Blog pages, Product pages, etc., we have some other freelancers we can recommend to you.

Will you interview our customers or do primary research?

We do not any primary research (i.e. we won't be talking to customers, reading your existing product marketing documentation, listening to Gong recordings, etc.).

We do not do this for four reasons:

1) it would make us exponentially more expensive

2) it would make the process exponentially slower

3) we do not know your industry

4) outsourcing talking to customers is the last thing we would recommend for any early stage founder to do. We rely on you to be the subject matter experts on your customers. This project will succeed (or fail) based on how well you know them.

Will your process improve our conversion rate on the website?

In some cases yes, in other cases no.  Conversion improvements look different for each business with many variables at play: growth strategy, pricing, volume of traffic, quality of traffic, strength of the market, different CTAs, etc.

(A lot of the time a better message means filtering out site visitors that don’t meet your ideal customer profile so that sales doesn’t burn their limited time on bad fit prospects)

Because we have no control over these many variables, our only promise of improvement is on one thing:  Finding the best possible way to clearly explain your product to your ideal market.

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