Positioning Your Startup to Standout

Value Proposition

🏴 By creating an “Anti-Value Prop” 🏴

Mapping out who you DON’T help can be powerful to help you:

→ build a narrative that resonates

→ create a passionate following

→ drive clarity for your teams

There are 4 pieces to an “Anti-Value Prop”

🟩 Anti-Persona

→ Who is your product NOT for?

These are people that might be in your TAM, but are NOT in your target customer segments.

🟥 Anti-Problem

→ What does this anti-persona struggle with?

This should be a problem you think is NOT worth solving.

These “unworthy” problems are often symptoms of a larger problem that your produce solves.

🟧 Anti-Solution

→ How do they solve that unworthy problem?

This should be your take on why the solution is bad.

→ expensive

→ overly complex

→ doesn’t actually work

🟦 Anti-Benefit

→ What outcome does this anti-solution create?

This is a value that you DON’T think matters.

And likely, you will be jabbing at the status quo mindset.


The example below (image) is for 37signals's Basecamp

They have built a huge business by positioning against the status quo.

They consistently take “spiky point-of-views”…

→ That draw good-fit customers to their product.

→ While pushing away bad-fit customers.

Do you have an Anti-Value Prop for your startup?

Best Practices

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